1. diogowerner:

    Poor Tom…

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  2. A big taste and a big hunk of a complete breakfast.

  3. Pillow Case Cave

  5. ilovecharts:

    Righting An Emmys Wrong

    Red Carpet coverage starts in an hour!

    I don’t even watch the show and was dumb-founded by this situation. Maybe the Emmy people think it’s literally 12 different actors playing those roles? 

    Or Orphan Black doesn’t pay for awards?

  6. Nap time. I found him like this; he tucked himself in under the covers.

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  9. Auto milestone + OCD delight.

  10. Who made this wonderful piece? I must own a print.

  11. >

  12. sketchshark:

    Our morning routine.

    My household pretty much exactly.

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